Insulating Glass Equipment Manufacturer in China

Founded in 1999, JINAN DECA GLASS MACHINE CO。, LTD。 is a professional insulating glass equipment manufacturer in China。 We provide customers with a wide range of products, including our insulating glass panel press line, automatic glass sealing robot, butyl extruder, aluminum spacer bending machine, desiccant dispenser, glass loading machine, glass edge deleting machine, CNC glass cutting machine, and more。 A number of our developed products have received independent intellectual property rights and high-tech awards。 Currently, we have the largest production base of insulating glass equipment in China, and we are a leading provider in both domestic and international insulating equipment markets。

  • 2700 Insulating Glass Panel Press Line
  • 2700 Insulating Glass Panel Press LineThe insulating glass panel press line adopting advanced Germany technology and main components of international famous brands features reliable performance and powerful function.
    The air cushion working mode well protects the glass, making the production line clean and free from contamination and the best solution for high-level glass processing. ...
  • Automatic Glass Sealing Robot
  • ASR20E/ASR25E Automatic Glass Sealing RobotThis ASR25 automatic glass sealing robot is designed with the user-friendly interface, which provides simple parameter setting. The full node failure alarm system is also adopted for timely troubleshooting.
    The ASR25 automatic glass sealing robot can automatically identify the size and thickness of glass and sealing depth, and linearly adjust the sealing speed. ...
  • Glass Loading Machine
  • Glass Loading MachineThis glass loading machine includes machine frame, transmission assembly, vertical lifting system, horizontal moving system, swing arm, vacuum absorption system, electrical system, and so on. The working status of the glass loading machine is monitored by the touch screen.
    There are automatic and manual two models for operation and each section of the glass loading ...
  • Glass Edge Deletion Machine
  • LCMY25A Glass Edge Deletion MachineThe LCM22/LCM25 glass edge deletion machine can automatically identify and delete the coating of low-E glass. It can also be used for the coating deletion of abnormally shaped glass. Our glass edge deletion machine is designed with vertical structure and can be easily connected with the insulating glass panel press line. ...
  • CNC Glass Cutting Machine
  • CNC Glass Cutting MachineThe SCLM CNC glass cutting machine consists of the fully automatic glass loading table, CNC glass cutting table and breaking table. Adopting the CNC control system and AC servo motor drive, this machine can automatically achieve optimum glass management and complete the loading, cutting and breaking of glass. ...
  • JT03 Butyl Extruder
  • JT03 Butyl ExtruderThe JT03 butyl extruder is designed with automatic centering and clamping structure and circular arc butyl sealing structure. It adopts imported control parts and advanced processing technology. The butyl extruder has multiple functions, such as preheating function and automatic butyl volume display function. ...
  • ST02 2-part Sealant Machine
  • ST02 2-part Sealant MachineThe ST02 2-part sealant machine is made with the latest domestic and international technologies, which applies to the sealing and sticking of insulating glass unit. It adopts imported motor system, and is equipped with imported sealant gun, stainless steel mixer, high pressure protective device, and mixed rate detector. The important control parts of the 2-part sealant machine adopt American ...
  • Automatic Aluminum Spacer Bar Bending Machine
  • Automatic Aluminum Spacer Bar Bending MachineOur aluminum spacer bending machine adopts PLC control system and user-friendly touch screen interface. The servo feeding system adopts CNC control, and the aluminum spacer can be feed automatically. The cutting saw will avoid cutting spacer connectors intelligently. The aluminum spacer bending machine also has four groups of storage location for storing spacers of different sizes. In addition, this machine can ...
  • Automatic Desiccant Filling Machine
  • Automatic Desiccant DispenserThe BFGJ01 automatic desiccant dispenser is suitable for filling the aluminum spacer frame of the insulating glass unit with molecular sieve. As a piece of auxiliary equipment for the automatic aluminum spacer bar bending machine , it applies to the descant filling of both arbitrary polygon shaped spacer frames made from a spacer and common aluminum spacer frame with corner key.

Our company strictly implements the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system authorized by Switzerland's SGS Corporation, and we fully utilize the CIS corporate identity system to further enhance our company's image. All of our employees strictly adhere to the 6S management system to constantly improve efficiency, quality assurance, and safety. We also apply quality control measures to all incoming raw materials, production processes, and finished products. All outsourced parts, standard parts, and electrical parts of our insulating glass panel press line, automatic glass sealing robot, butyl extruder, and other equipment must undergo an acceptance test, conducted by a dedicated quality inspection department, and only those qualified materials are approved for use. The electrical parts we utilize come from well-known international brands like Siemens, B&R, Schneider, Omron, Kinco, etc. In addition to this, our assembly workers undergo thorough assembly process training, and some are even sent for additional training, provided by Germany's Bystronic, to further assure the quality of our equipment assembly. We create the framework and other accessories of DECA's insulating glass equipment in our laser processing center, so we can directly oversee the perfection of our accessories. Lastly, our insulating glass machining equipment is only approved for shipment after passing a final factory inspection by specific QC staff.

波克棋牌DECA has gathered technical and service specialists who have many years of experience in the insulated glass industry. We have a production workshop, and a workshop that is dedicated solely to the research and development of new products. The implementation of the "6S" system and ERP system allows us to reduce our administrative costs, while the bulk purchase of high-quality, economically priced raw materials and mass production of insulating glass equipment reduce production costs. In addition, our unique resource advantages greatly lower processing costs of outsourcing parts. We also offer the option to ship our insulating glass equipment using a standard container, rather than an open-top container, which also greatly reduces transportation costs. These factors allow us to offer our CE approved aluminum spacer bending machine, desiccant dispenser, and other insulating glass processing equipment at very competitive prices. Comprehensive customer service is also readily available, including assistance with plant layouts, installation, commissioning, operation guidance, staff training, and more.

From 2004 to 2008, we worked with Germany Bystronic to develop high-end insulating glass processing equipment and CNC glass cutting machine, and we have served as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of more than 20 insulating glass panel press lines for various European companies. Our insulting glass equipment is a nationally export-encouraged product and has been named an inspection-free export. After decades of development, DECA has over 3000 customers all over the world, and an annual increase of more than 200 customers. Some of our international clients come from United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Egypt, South Africa, Angola, Iran, UAE, Lebanon, and Iraq.

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